The local council in it’s infinite cost cutting capacity has decided that we’re going to have an art prize. I don’t know whether this is to replace the Big West festival, or what. Nobody tells me nothing. I have my suspicions though, and I think I’m right on the money.

Anyway, my plans have been derailed as usual by illness. So I don’t know if I’ll be entering but here’s a linky link for those who would like to have a red hot crack. Note: Non acquisitive, meaning if you sell, they take a (big) cut, if you don’t, you must lug it home, and hopefully it gets sold. Also, entry fees.

I don’t like to post without posting some work, and as it’s all in progress, here’s some FB banners. I have learned to use social media pic spaces properly, and I’m going to be getting some stuff up for that banner. It’s free and lowish res, so I might as well do stuff with it. I’m aiming to separate my personal vomiting on FB and my art so you may see a totally new page for that in the future.

header 2017

header 2017-2


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Artist. Over sharer. Angry little ball of impotent rage. I'm 45, but I look 46, and feel 23.
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