#illshowyoumineaus is an opportunity for creative people to tell you what they have to do to make money so they can keep doing their thing, because let’s face it folks, if I’m not getting paid to paint, lot of you aren’t gettin’ paid for your creative endeavours either.

So the long and short of it is that I chose a day job. Unfortunately I chose one that was uncertain, anxiety inducing and not as well paid as one would believe, that is bereft of any ethics or worth.

Pros: I have access to some decent computer equipment and software and a printer, when it’s working.

Cons: Pretty much everything else. I’ve paid with literal blood, sweat and tears to remain employed and keep a roof over my head. Advertising takes it’s pound of flesh. Whether it’s getting paid less and being valued less because you have a vag, being expected to work 12 hour days for 8 hours pay, the pressure to perform flawlessly, not being taken seriously (again, because of aforementioned vag) to the absolute vampire-like nature of advertising and the fact that it’s not really important to anyone except those commissioning it and those producing it.

Advertising rarely helps anyone. Except large corporations and Ad people.
(I’m not really an ‘Ad person’ because I don’t believe the hype.)


This is how I make money. The pay is below the average for a full time person in Aus. I haven’t had even a cost of living rise in years. It also impedes my drive and ability to make artwork in the few days I have off.

I try seek out opportunities where I don’t have to pay to exhibit, and I don’t have to sit the exhibition.

I use holiday time as time to paint, not time to relax.

I am contemplating a change of career to something that won’t exhaust me mentally so I can paint, possibly part time, placing a financial burden on my partner.

And I still haven’t ‘emerged’ as an artist. It’s a tough one.

About victoria

Artist. Over sharer. Angry little ball of impotent rage. I'm 45, but I look 46, and feel 23.
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