This used to be my playground…

Next project – babcia and dziadek’s house.

(That’s nanna and pop in Polish).

I spent a LOT of years being babysitted, visiting, planting potatoes and eventually after my grandparents death, living in this house in Elsternwick. I still dream regularly of it, in so many different forms.

Sometimes it’s a crumbling wreck. Sometimes a squat full of dust and spiders and mouldering curtains. A place of decaying grandeur. Sometimes a tomb full of fear and ghosts. Sometimes a charnel house museum. Sometimes it’s large garden is a bower full of love and happiness. Sometimes it’s a refuge, and sometimes, I am trespassing because it’s not ours anymore.

Either way, I guess I’m not done with it. I documented the house extensively when living there, and have also already painted pictures of it. So time to build it in model form.

12063778_10154230778087306_6064118630829003814_n 11156312_10153775068597306_3590298137465663168_n Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 12.52.36 PM5. detailofpainting7. house6. detailof painting

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